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Presentation to Brandan Smith and Maureen Campbell of the Weavers, Strathaven : Lanarkshire Pub of the Year 2014 : 15 November 2014

Pictures by Tom Ord and Paul Munday

Three members of our small award team, Roger Harrison, Paul Munday and Gerry McVey, approach the Weavers decked out with banners supporting this year's award and last years as well.
Branch Website Manager Tom Ord presents the award, explaining that the Weavers achieved much more than simply selling the best beer in the region.
Maureen Campbell and Brendan Smith proudly display their Pub of the Year certificate.
Maureen Campbell thanked the customers who, had helped to make the pub so successful and her brother Brendan Smith followed up to a toast in memory of their father Jimmy, who's vision they were following.

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